Friday, June 4, 2010

Softmodding Wii - A How To Guide

By Donald Boyson

The easiest method to modd your wii is by softmodding it. Softmodding is making use of computer software as an alternative to a modchip. Unlike modding employing a modchip, softmodding has various advantages:

- No need for a modchip, you can play downloaded games, it is safe and easy to install, maintains warranty, applicable in any wii, e.t.c.

You need to have the following to softmodd your wii:

(a) SD Card. The SD Card is necessary in order to play burned DVD. You can use any from either a camera or a phone, so long as its capacity is not above 2GB. Wii is not compatible with SD Card above 2GB (SDHC).

(b) DVD- Burner. Ensure that your computer has a DVD burner and a DVD-burning software installed. You can download a DVD-Burning software freely on-line. Alternatively, you can use either an external harddisk or a USB stick instead of DVDs.

(c) Unlocking software. You receive files after downloading, and you need to store them in the SD Card. You can only do this by first unlocking your wii.

(d) Net connection on your nintendo wii.

After ensuring that all of the stuff needed is in place, you now need to set up the Homebrew Channel. This is the channel you use whenever you play DVDs and games.

Start out by formatting the SD Card. Download all the required files then transfer the SD Card to your wii.

Go to the wii button at below left. Press Data Management then press Save. Press wii. Delete savegame on the Zelda.

Press the SD Card and Twilight hack will show. Copy it to your nintendo wii system then start Zelda. Load your savegame. At this point follow the on-screen directions.

Wii softmod application is downloadable in zip files all over the www. The downloaded application is then placed on an SD memory card which is put into the Wii console. You will also find downloads for the old Nintendo games. You should note that these may not be correctly formatted to work with the new Wii.

In case you wish to use a mod chip, then it is usually fine provided that your Wii doesn't fail to function properly or faces any kind of software program package issues later on. However that's one point that's unreliable. So my advice: Softmod Wii and don't hardmod. It's faster, cheaper, and safer.

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