Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Battery Kit For The Nintendo Wii Review

By Michele Walls

So we had bought our kids a Wii for one of their birthdays, right? We bought it from a friend who only had it since last Christmas and he had no use for it anymore. So we thought it would be a wonderful present for her; little did we know there was nothing that came with it to charge the batteries for the controller things.

So while she was a having a royal fit, I had to go online and ravage every website to find a battery charger. This came up on WV writing services and it's about the cheapest I found...nonetheless, it was a lifesaver. It arrived in 3 days, and of course solved the problem.

At first I was little egregious because I had to additionally buy a charge station that's "sold separately, but fortunately the Game-Stop store down the road had them in stock. I thought that it came with another controller as well, but soon realized, after being corrected by my daughter, that the regular remotes run $39 so I was like DUUH lol. But moving on, what it includes is the rechargeable battery (which ours didn't have) and a clip that attaches on the back of the remote and a set of green rubber covers for the remotes.

I would recommend this product, but make you sure you also get (or already have) one of the "charge stations" for the Wii. Then you are good to go. Overall, it's a very good product and pretty satisfied this far.

WV Writing Services Mega Store has this and well roughly 700,000 products at wholesale prices. This item in the stores will cost you $19.99, however at WV Writing Services Mega Store it cost me under $6. You honestly cannot beat these prices.

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