Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Nintendo DS Lite Pink Metallic Roseis The Perfect Gift

By Darryl Levi

If you have a kid at home, one of the best things you can buy for them, this Christmas is a Pink Nintendo DS Lite.

What you get with the DS Lite is excellent gaming experience as it offers a plethora of exciting games. Your kid won't feel like putting it down, once he or she starts playing with it.

Nintendo always has something new and different to offer all the time. You'll always be surprised by what they have to offer. This also applies to the Pink Nintendo DS.

This game device has excellent ultra-bright dual screens that offer enhanced game playing experience. It includes touch-screen technology, which makes for using and controlling the DS Lite to be a great experience for children.

The games graphics are rendered in 3D motion and this makes them very interactive.

The Pink Nintendo DS offers a whole lot more than just the usual controls for playing games. It has a built-in microphone port, by which you can talk to your game characters and tell them what to do. You have more interactive game session because of this feature. You will also find this feature to be quite interesting. Now this is no all there is more.

This device has backward compatibility. It has a media port by which you can insert Game Boy Advance cartridges and play the Game Boy games you like and in single player mode.

The games offered here are for players of all skills. Come, use you skills and play some of the best game characters. Fun, exciting and even adventurous are the words that best describes the Nintendo DS Lite games.

The Pink Nintendo DS Lite offers games for all skill sets. Use your gaming skills to play the kind of games you like, using the most exciting game characters. You will find the Pink Nintendo DS Lite, to be thrilling, adventurous, and exciting.

Now playing is not all that you can do here. You can also chat with other DS Lite owners. You might askHow is this possible? Well, the Pink or Metallic Rose Nintendo DS Lite comes with a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

This facility allows you to connect to other Nintendo DS owners, located anywhere in the world. This service is free of cost and you just have to play a Nintendo DS and a Wi-Fi-ready game to activate it. Cool isn't it? Can you see such feature anywhere else? Absolutely No!!!

You can be sure of impressing your kid with the Pink Nintendo DS Lite or a Metallic Rose Nintendo DS Lite, as it offers the most high-tech features.

With the festive season, just round the corner, you can get this piece at a real discount price. Hurry up now and purchase the Nintendo DS Lite and enjoy playing some of the most exciting game ever from Nintendo.

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