Thursday, June 17, 2010

Discover How To Copy Wii Games Now - It's Easy!

By Cam Halladay

The popularity of the Nintendo Wii is something which has never been seen before in the world of gaming. The system works like no other and it shouldn't shock anyone that there is a lot of interest in copying Wii games to make backups in case of damage or loss of the original game discs.

These games typically come in the form of a disc which looks like any other CD ? but they cannot be as copied as easily as a music CD. The process is a little more complicated; keep reading for some tips on copying Wii games and a guide on when you should and should not back up a given Wii game disc.

Your standard CD burning software can't copy Wii games. Nero, Roxio and other common CD burning software doesn't have the capabilities of breaking the copy protection which is encoded in to Wii games and other game discs. Your computer cannot make sense of the data on the disc because of this encryption.

Of course, like most copy protection, it didn't take long for someone to come up with a workaround. There are programs available that can read through the copy protection that comes on a Wii disc.

This copy protection breaking software makes copying Wii games as simple as a few mouse clicks. With the software installed, your computer will be able to make sense of the datat on the game disc. Better yet, it's not just Wii discs which can be read using this software; PS3 and Xbox games can also be read.

Many games made for PCs also use encryption which can be cracked with this software. If you have multiple gaming systems, you can use this software to make backups of these games as well as your Wii games.

With this encryption breaking software, you can make a disc image of the Wii game and copy it on to your hard drive. You can use your regular CD burning software to make a copy of this disc just as you would when copying any other CD or DVD.

These programs often feature burning and copying capabilities along with their decryption abilities. Using these built in tools, you'll have a smaller chance of burning errors when copying Wii games.

The copying programs that are now available make it possible to copy Wii games without having to do anything but click a few buttons. Copying Wii games is a great way to make a backup copy of any game you want. It never hurts to have a backup in the case that the original gets lost or damaged. Enjoy!

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