Wednesday, June 16, 2010

History Of Mario: The Greatest Video Game Of All Time

By Darryl Jones

Everyone who has ever played a video game has heard of the Mario brothers, the game is a common household name. No matter what age, young or old, this dynamic duo is well known has gotten so much great exposure over the years from all of series that were produced. The history of Mario is quite interesting as it continues to still get a lot of attention.

This game was not always a home played video game as Mario began as only a simple arcade game known as Donkey Kong in 1981 with Mario who played the character of a carpenter named Jump Man.

Both Donkey Kong and also Donkey Kong Junior were also arcade games. Nintendo started the development from a spin off of the arcade game Jump Man in 1983 and later that same year in many arcades. Then along came a side view platform game known as Donkey Kong which introduced his brother Luigi and this game allowed two players involved in the game. Mario and his brother were made to be plumbers who jobs it was to kill any pest that came out of the pipes.

By 1985 the Mario brothers video game was now made to be much longer from Nintendo. The game was now known as Super Mario Brothers 1, and it was then that this game started to take its place in video game history. In Japan in 1986 was put out on the market with the addition of newer features, which made these game known as the hardest version in the series of Mario Brothers.

Nintendo released a very modified version of the one from Japanese game Doki Doki Panic and the Mario characters were then added and it was released in 1988 as Super Mario Brothers 2 in North American and then in 1989 it arrived in Europe. Not long after Mario Brothers 3 came out on the market in 1990 and it was regarded as being the best of the series.

The Mario Brothers came a long way over the years from its start as just an arcade game on up to the game that everyone played in their homes and then right up to its current status as The new Super Mario Brothers. Nintendo Wii was released in the year 2006. This game will always be known as the greatest game in the history of video games and will still continue on well into the future.

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