Saturday, March 28, 2009

Concept Behind The Guitar Hero iii Games

Music is present in every aspect of a persons lifestyle. There are many different types of music and they tend to become a part of every thing we do. Most video games has music that plays and we get into it or tune it out after a while.

That is the concept behind the Guitar Hero iii games. You get to play a long with some of your favorite groups. You get points according to your skill level. Even if you have never picked up a real guitar before you can still have fun with it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Guitar Hero iii Lawsuit

The U.S. District Court has ruled that Guitar Hero 3 does not infringe on Gibson's patent.

The case depended on whether or not Guitar Hero 3 controllers are considered "musical instruments". I can not believe they actually took this to court. It is no big surprise that the court says they are not.

I guess that ends the lawsuit against Harmonix for Rock Band or at least it is on hold until the appeal. To read the full story visit the source:

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guitar Hero 3 For Rehabilitation Purposes

I just read a story about using Guitar Hero 3 for rehabilitation purposes. "Wii-habilitation" they call it. Health care workers believe that modifying the Wii may help some patients through the recovery process.

They have even taken the therapy as far as allowing amputees to rock out and get valuable training with prosthetic prototypes at the same time.

The nerves are used that once controlled the muscle. The electrodes that are placed against the skin can detect these nerve signals and control the prosthetic limb.

To read the full story visit the source:

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guitar Hero 3 = Rock Star Dreams

The guitar for the Wii Guitar Hero 3 is an accessory that can be added in later. A lot of times you can save money if you buy the game and guitar together as a combination package.

There are guitars that you plug into the gaming console as well as wireless models. The game can be played alone or against someone else. So you may want more than one guitar.

There are different versions of Guitar Hero 3 to choose from. The main difference is the songs that are offered. If you like a certain type of music such as the 80's which is offered. For many in their 30's and 40's who really enjoyed the hair band days this game is perfect. For a few minutes they can let go of reality and let their dreams of becoming a rock star come true.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Guitar Hero Metallica

It appears that buyers of Guitar Hero Metallica will be getting some extra bonus. In addition to be able to play as members of Metallica you will also be able to play as Lemmy from Motorhead.

I really like the song "Ace Of Spades" so I am really looking forward to it. If you would like to read the full story visit the source:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guitar Hero iii Games Are Challenging

Among the most popular game consoles is the Nintendo Wii. If you try to compare the Wii with other consoles, it can be said that the Wii console is completely different. All of the Wii games are of excellent quality and each game will introduce gamers to a new Wii experience.

Wii has a wireless setup and once you have connected the Wii, you can start checking the weather, sports, and even the latest news over Wii's online service.

The Guitar Hero iii games are very popular for the Nintendo Wii. With this particular game you can play songs from your favorite bands. You score points related to how well you play. Even if you have never picked up a real guitar you can have fun with it. There are colors on the neck of the guitar that you use for guidance. You can use the controller that came with the Wii to control the game. But it is more fun with the guitar that was designed for the game.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guitar Hero 3 Is A Safe Choice

Teenagers are the largest group of consumers for the Nintendo Wii games. That is why so many of the games are directly marketed to them. As a parent it can be difficult to decide which ones they should be playing. They may like some that are rated E for everyone but chances are they want more action.

Some of the most popular video games are to be frank, quite offensive. Many with blood, shooting, and action are rated T for teen as well as M for mature. You will need to decide where you draw the line for your children. Finding out the rating for Wii games can help you stay informed. Your kids will tell you which types of games they enjoy the most. Take the time to talk to your children about the content of the games.

The music games are a good choice for all ages. When children are young a career as a rock star or some other high profile lifestyle that pays extremely well is still something they imagine. Guitar Hero 3 is a safe choice. The next version they are planning to release will allow more players to compete against each other.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Guitar Hero iii For Wii

Guitar Hero iii for Wii is one of the world's most popular games but obtaining skill can take some time and a lot of practice.

The typical Guitar Hero strum involves one push of the strum button while holding down the fret buttons. This method works well for songs with lower level difficulties. As you push yourself to the next level you will be ready for more advanced strategy's such as pull offs.

If you have 3 notes, a green, red, and yellow in order one right after the other you could complete these notes using the pull off technique. When the first note hits you will want to have all the fret buttons pushed down. This is the start of the pull off, and the only time during the technique that you will hit the strum button.

As the notes ascend the scale you simply "pull off" the already completed fret notes as they pass across your screen. This type of action allows you to play songs that would other wise be to difficult.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guitar Hero iii for Wii

Music has always played a part in daily life regardless of what background a person comes from.

There are many different genres of music and it comes through in almost anything that is attempted. Most video games have music to them and we tend to either enjoy it or tune it out after a while.

The concept behind Guitar Hero iii for Wii is to become a part of the action.

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