Sunday, June 6, 2010

Facts About NDS Downloads

By Donald Boyson

The newest thing for Nintendo DS is the Nintendo DS download. DS and DS Lite owners-as well as DSI owners-can download games, demos and music for their Nintendo hand held system. The DS and DS Lite have helped create a name for Nintendo at the top of the portable game system market. Users are thrilled and want more! New downloads for DS are available every day!

The video game industry is frequently changing and Nintendo strives to be the best in class. Others are spending more time on their home units while Nintendo seems to keep everyone covered. The cellular phones that allow us to play so many games and use a variety of applications have lost out on a niche market. Kids still play games, but they don't all have cell phones. The DS is fun entertainment for everyone in any age group.

Nintendo brings a refreshing breeze to the video game industry by stimulating our minds and bringing smiles. DS players can load their own settings and save them, allowing for more than one family member to have things their way when they play. The Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection makes this hand held half video game, half PC. With the Wi-Fi Connection, DS players can check out the newest clips and videos and test them out. When you find something you want, select it and be playing the full version within seconds. As long as you're within reach of a Wi-Fi connection, the whole Nintendo DS library is at your fingertips.

The Nintendo DS Download Stations are definitely awesome. Many retail stores have these stations that allow for 1-8 users to hook up, load up with goodies and go on playing. The memory of the DS system does preclude the demos from the Station to be saved, but as long as you don't shut your system off, you've got full reign.

Nintendo has an incredible way for users to take advantage of its exciting new offerings. Through the DS console, a player can access the Nintendo Channel. Through this channel, you can watch videos and learn fun facts. The Channel lets users download demos and try games out as well as meet up and play with other users online.

You'll never have to worry about rushing out to the game store again with your Nintendo DS download service. Play Mario Kart, Zoo Tycoon or Yoshi's Island from anywhere once you've downloaded via your Wi-Fi connection. There has been a lot of hacking since Nintendo released the DS, and the Nintendo download capabilities have only strengthened the movement. You can write your own firmware and share it with other friends. Any game you want to play on Nintendo DS is available via download.

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