Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free NDS Downloads - Don't Do It!

By Rod Meier

Just like roms for PSP or Xbox, NDS Rom are downloadable as well. There are a huge number of internet sites that focus on NDS roms. However, the sad news is, that you have to be really careful when downloading NDS roms. Due to the huge demand of NDS roms a majority of NDS rom sites are only there to scam you. They are one of the main places online used by hackers to spread adware and trojans..

In case they do not spread adware, they scam you by telling you that they are free of charge, but in the end you will be asked to submit payment otherwise you won't be able to download NDS roms. The result is that after spending hours on downloading a file and filling out tons of forms, you have no DS game but an infected computer showing pop-up ads everywhere. The lesson here is that if a website offers a free Nintendo DS Rom, you should go back to Google and search again.

That being said, you should only click on those websites that have the highest rank when you start searching. If that is the case, it means that the website is trustworthy and that satisfied users keep returning due to the same reason. . In case you are still worried that the Nintendo DS Rom in question is laced with a virus, update your anti-virus software and scan it the minute it downloads. In this way you can rest assured. It is highly recommended that you have a high quality anti-virus software installed, because free anti-virus software often does not detect adware.

Some websites may not be out to scam you but they may offer only demo versions of the game or the original game in a foreign language.

No user will be happy with such an application which is why he should only deal with those sources that are high in terms of quality and have good reputations. A good NDS rom download sites will give you a search interface where you can locate the NDS rom file you are looking for easily. Happy downloading!

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