Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Easy Way To Download Wii Games For Your Wii!

By Scott Frayburn

If you're one of the lucky people that have a Nintendo Wii, I'm sure you would be interested in a way to find new games for your system!

We've gotten a lot of emails from our readers asking where to download Wii games, so we've decided to help all of you out there with this article.

Once you know how to find Wii games on your computer for download, you can save a lot of money. It gives you an easy way to find new games without having to pay for each one.

Without further ado, this is how you can immediately begin downloading Wii games.

You have two main options that you can choose from:

The First Option - Wii Downloads

There are a couple of websites out there that advertise having free Wii game download that gamers can use. To access these games, they will want you to download and install their software.

Understandably this is a tempting proposition. As you may have already figured out though, there are risks associated with getting your games this way.

These websites have built a bad reputation of distributing both viruses and spyware to computers. Recently a couple of websites have been shut down for this exact reason - you never know what you are downloading unfortunately.

It's risky business when you download anything from a website like this. There isn't any type of monitoring system in place so a lot of infected files will make their way on these sites.

And talk about slow! Downloading a single file from these websites can take days. That's right, days! And after spending a lot of time downloading, these files as often as not are corrupted and thus unusable.

This is not an option that gets our recommendation. You can cause damage to your computer and there are much easier ways to get downloads that are guaranteed to work.

Option #2 - Download Wii Games

You'll be glad to hear that there is a much better way to download Wii games without having to expose your computer to viruses and spyware, or wait days for a download that doesn't work!

As the Nintendo Wii was setting all sorts of sales records, a few smart businesses decided to build Nintendo Wii websites that specialize in offering Wii game downloads. These sites not only offer games for download, but you can also find movies, TV shows and music that you can use on your Wii.

These sites are membership based, with a lifetime membership costing usually only about $50 and allowing instant access to any Wii games or movies on the site 24/7.

For anyone with a Wii, this will save them a small fortune when building their Wii games library. Just compare with prices in any store selling games. Movies and music are available as well, sweetening the deal.

Setup for these sites is quick and painless, usually taking no more than ten minutes to install and configure the necessary software to get those files onto your Wii where you can enjoy them. Following this article you'll find a link that will let you take a look at the most popular Wii download sites. You can even get a free trial, and see all that these sites have to offer you.

Downloading Wii games is an ideal way to keep your Wii exciting by having all of the latest games. Caution, however: it can be addictive!

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