Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do You Have A Wii? Here's How To Download Wii Games!

By Scott Frayburn

If you have a Nintendo Wii, we wanted to show you how you can download Wii games right on your computer. Downloading Wii games is a great way to find new games for your system - it's easy and a lot cheaper than buying games at the store.

When you download Wii games you can save a big chunk of cash and look for a new game whenever you feel like it right from home. It's a great option to have so that you don't have to rush out to the store each time you want the latest game.

As the Wii became so popular so quickly, a few companies decided to catch a hold of the trend and open websites that offered Nintendo Wii games downloads. These websites offer Wii games, movies and music for download.

To use these websites you just need to sign-up as a member and you can get started. There's a massive selection of games along with movies, TV shows and other media files that you can use on your Wii.

The same games that you find in the stores are available along with many "arcade" type games that aren't out on disc. The selection is impressive - you won't ever have to worry about getting bored!

Now I'm sure you have already guessed that these websites charge a fee, but it really isn't expensive. The cost is about $50 and this gives you a lifetime membership to the site. You can then login and download Wii games whenever you want. For people that like trying out new games it's well worth the money.

You will find a link at the bottom of this article - you can use it to learn how to get a free trial at a couple of the most popular Wii download websites. When you register, the software that you need to be able to use the files on your Wii is automatically included.

The Nintendo Wii continues to fly off the shelves and has picked up fans of all ages. Once you start to download Wii games it opens up a whole new world for your system. We do have to warn you though - it's easy to get addicted! Good luck!

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