Monday, August 9, 2010

Console Games Cost Too Much

By Heather Green

Why are you paying retail prices for your latest game consoles when thousands of other people get them free? It's your money if you want to spend it but thousands choose not to.

Wanting the latest games console is on top of every child's mind as birthdays and Christmas approaches. But now the financial crisis has made us all think twice before spending, we have to be more vigilant before throwing money away. So people are now turning to a new way of getting the latest gadgets and in there thousands.

Now when ever someone says free most people instantly reply with "nothing in life is free!" and for most yes this is true, but when it comes to freebie hunters that saying means nothing at all.

You will have seen websites offering free gifts such as who offer the latest console free, well these websites actually do work and you get your gift absolutely free.

As we all know the games console world moves fast with newer faster consoles always just around the corner, trying to keep up with these new machines would cost you a small fortune. Even buying the latest games is an eye opener when you see the price tags that come with the latest games.

From this point on you can stop paying silly prices for them consoles and games in fact from now on stop paying for them full stop.

The websites who offer these gadgets free are all involved with affiliate advertising or incentive advertising as most people would call it.

Have you seen banners or adverts on-line offering you the chance to claim the latest gadgets? This is well known as incentive based adverts, enticing consumers to look and maybe try a free trial or offer. Incentive based websites have taken this one step further and the consumer benefits much more.

Well think again most of these adverts are real and you can and do get your free gift. How you get your free gift differs from site to site and country to country, but in the UK there is one company who offer all the latest gadgets free and to most country's in the world too.

A said above big brand name company's partake in these incentive websites, you are offered a selection of free gifts which you can decide which you would like. you are asked to sign up filling in a small form asking for your name address and valid email address, you can then choose one of the offers displayed which you are required to complete in return for your free gift.

When a new customer completes one of these offers, the incentive site is paid by the company the amount paid out depends on the offer which the consumer completes.

The website uses this commission to both buy your free gift and to as do all company's make a little profit. Profit is small but as you could imagine thousands of people join so this all adds up.

There are no hidden fee's for the consumer, when your free gift is shipped out you will not be charge at all. though not all websites swallow this charge so be careful.

Check out the websites listed below, Freebiejeebies is the UK's biggest and best freebie website. Members over the last three years have accumulated over one million pounds worth of free goods.

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