Sunday, May 16, 2010

Softmod Your Wii Console

By Dana Goldberg

Retailers are offering the computing public the opportunity to have their Soft mod wii adapted in store while you wait. But as it is so easy to do most people are doing it for themselves. If those options are not appropriate for you then get junior to do it. That is, invite someone under the age of twenty five to come over for a visit and while there they can do it for you as it only takes a couple of minutes.

An SD card that is Fat 16 formatted and an SD card reader is part of the requirements necessary to perform the hack. Instructions can be found with a quick Google on the net. They depict how playing a game is part of the process of modifying the software.

People of the prehistoric, I mean pre-computer era, are wondering why is it so many men are still playing Zelda. Grown men playing with such a girly game is the equivalent of girly doll playing for any boy over the age of six. What does it all mean for the masculinity of mankind? Where is it all going to end?

Keeping up with modern technology means making a choice of brand. IBM's or Apple Mac's, Wii's or Nintendo's, whatever the choice is it is all moving incredibly fast. Downloads are not a thing of the future, they are very now. All computing companies can do is create more hardware items to store the downloads in.

Get junior to explain what they are doing in ordinary English, the way people used to speak before Gates opened and computer speak was accepted as a new language. What you should be told is they are making a modification to your hardware through software being downloaded from the internet. And it is being saved into the hardware by playing Zelda: Twilight Princess. Simple.

Getting back to the job at hand a soft mod wii is very easy to do. You just need a computer with an SD card reader. And a compatible Zelda game with a brew installer. Homebrew channel or Wiibrew will get you the hack you're after.

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