Sunday, May 23, 2010

DSi Downloads - How To Do It?!

By Dana Goldberg

You can get a lot of new DSi games quickly with DSi downloads. Just take your DSi, an SD card, your credit card, and a well-known DSi download site to download the games. It is simple to download these games online. All of these games are on one SD card, and you have them all in one place. You don't have to have tons of tiny games to keep up with.

P2P or Torrent downloads It is a bad idea to download any games from P2P servers. These games are often filled with viruses and other spyware that can cause your system to crash or stop working altogether. It is best to only purchase games from reputable sites where payments are received for the games.

Downloads you can get on the web for free. Free DSi downloads have problems like P2P downloads. These can be full of viruses, spyware, and adware. These can harm your system. It isn't worth ruining your system to save $10 on a game. Stay away from sites that offer free DS downloads. These sites can ruin your SD card, deleting other games and information stored on your card.

DS and DSi existing together - You can play DS games on the DSi. The DSi is an updated version of the DS with increased Internet and file storing capabilities. The games are exactly the same. The game doesn't have to be specifically labeled DSi to play on your console. You can play any DS game. The DSi system can't play GBA games like earlier DS systems can.

Advantages to downloading games There are many reasons why downloading a game can be better than purchasing it from a store. First of all, the convenience is much higher. You dont have to drive to a store, deal with packaging, or space wasted by storing the individual games. As mentioned earlier, the games will be easier to keep track of. Sometimes downloading a game is cheaper than purchasing it from a store.

DSi downloads can be simple. You put the SD card inside the computer port and convey the files onto the card. Finally you will put the card inside the DSi and pick the game you want to play that's on the card.

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