Monday, May 10, 2010

Mod Your Wii

By Dana Goldberg

You might be among the millions and millions of people that own a Nintendo Wii. What you might not have known is that these consoles can be modified or reconfigured to perform tasks they weren't originally created to accomplish. Mod Wii, is the term you would use if your system has been modified.

The majority of these millions of owners do not modify their consoles. There is a lot of risk involved. So if you are thinking about attempting this you have to be aware of two of the worst case scenarios. The first is that you, through inexperience and poor planning ruin your console completely. Secondly, should Nintendo learn of a modification (as they likely would from you sending it in) it would void the warranty.

However, if you know what you are doing, then you could benefit from such a mod on your console. The best thing to do is to really read into the details of the modification step by step and take your time, otherwise you can refer to the dangers up above.

There are two common types of modifications that are done to Wiis. Certainly, there are more than this, but you get the idea. The first is the emulator. This allows you to not only access a plethora of Wii Ware games, it also allows you to play any Wii game, former system games and Wii Channels on a burnable disc playable in your console.

The second common modification is a player that allows you to watch burned and regular DVDs (not blu ray) on your Wii. This is handy for people that have to run a DVD player and a Wii into the same television. This will cut down on the wire tangle behind your set up, and allow you to use your console with full functionality like the other two competitive consoles on the market right now.

There are several different modifications other than this, but these are the two most common. Again, I stress to learn what you are doing before you go into it semi-informed. You cannot take it lightly, or you will end up with a ruined system.

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