Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DSi Games Downloads for Everyone

By Dana Goldberg

In 2008 Nintendo DSi was first released in Japan and gamers from all over the world were excited to take advantage of the new handheld-console's ability for downloading the games from the internet, even though DSi games provide advantage there are some reasons to avoid like typical adware, spyware and virus issues that currently plague PC owners.

Nintendo's DSi Shop is the best place to download content for your DS, using the same Nintendo Points model to buy games that the Wii uses. Except for games that use the DS Game Boy Advance slot, like the Guitar Hero games, all DS games are completely compatible with the DSi. The best of the DSi game downloads are DSiWare games, which can only be purchased by downloading them from the DSi Shop.

It is easy to download. Buy your game, then download it to the DSi's internal memory or SD card. Transfer the game to the internal memory to play it. This problem is fixed on the Wii. Wii Ware games are playable right from the SD card. Hopefully Nintendo will fix this for the DSi soon. You can back up your DSiWare application on your SD card, but you can only play it on the DSi that originally downloaded the application.

Despite the online presence of hacked DS games, these illegal downloads are a source of adware, spyware and other nasty things that can harm the DSi. Also, because of a firmware update, these illegally acquired games are unplayable on the DSi. This is also similar to a downloadable game from one DSi being unplayable on another DSi when the game is transferred on a SD card.

The creation of the DSi Shop gives Nintendo DSi owners access to downloadable games and content in a similar fashion as the popular Wii console. But it is important to remember to limit one's downloads to only those legally available through Nintendo. A adware and virus-free DSi is a happy DSi.

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