Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soft Mod Wii Fast In 13 Steps

By Dan Miller

How to Soft Mod Wii 1. Place your SD card into the slot card adapter and plug its USB cable into the USB on your PC.

2. Download file 'wisftmd.rar' from to your desktop. After the download, double-click the icon to decompress its folder and double-click its icon after the decompression.

3. Inside the folder you will find a file called " soft mod Wii". Double click it. Now run the soft mod program. From your main screen choose "SD card formatter". Choose 'OFF' for 'Format Size Adjustment' and 'Full' for 'Format type'

4. To run the command double click on the file called "'wii_softmod/Wii_progandfiles_v3.x/sdcardfiles for v3.x'".

5. Next, turn your Wii console on. Using its remote, choose the button located at the bottom left on your Wii' home screen, and choose 'Data Management'. On your Wii remote click onto the "Save Data" button.

6. Insert your SD card into the SD slot. Once it has loaded you should see the SD icon on the screen. Hit the 'Copy' button from your SD card to your Wii.

7. Take your Zelda disc and insert it into the Cd slot. From your home screen choose the game icon. Press "A" and right after that select "Save Game". You will have to wait until it has loaded. Then press "A" to load the "Save Game" command.

8. Next is to open the game. Then choose 'Talk' from the choices and follow the instructions that will load on your screen.

9. Once done, choose "Homebrew" channel and press "A" Move down to 'Wad Manager 3' and select 'CIOS36_rev5-64-v1042.wad' Next press '+' using your Wii remote and wait for it to install. Repeat step again only this time, select 'vdxinstaller'.

10. Select 'Homebrew' channel then press 'A' to start the channel. Next select 'Advance' and then 'IOS 249. Reboot.

11. Repeat step 10. This time select 'Cios Installer' then Reboot.

12. Repeat Step 11. This time select 'wad manager v1.3' and 4-Autoboot-0-3g-forsaekn.wad' then press '+'.

13. Then press '+' again and then reboot.

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