Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Review Of The Famous Pokemon Diamond

By Jacob Akshire

Pokemon has always strived to deliver a grand adventure into unknown lands filled with strange creatures to the player, leaving a unique impression just like adventures they had as a child. Pokemon Diamond succeeds in propelling this heritage to new grounds, with new technology and many years of experience to grow from. By befriending the Pokemon in the vast land before the player, they can explore every corner, and fill every slot in the dictionary-like Pokedex.

The main aspect of play is in the battles between Pokemon, whether they be those of rival trainers or wild beasts, and the controls have been even more streamlined since the last version for simplicity. Anyone will be able to learn the mechanics, and while they are simple, battling is still fun due to the amount of different types of strategies that the player can choose from.

The Diamond version of the Pokemon series has seen mountains of innovation since the time of its predecessors. Thanks to the handheld system that the game is played on, many new and exciting features were included, such as touch screen controls. The most phenomenal upgrade from the originals is the ability to use Wi-Fi connections to interact with other pokemon trainers all over the world.

There is a free roaming aspect to Diamond that allows the trainer to venture forth to any location as long as he or she has the means to do so; this gives the sense of unrestricted adventure to the player. Professor Oak, a long time staple character to the franchise, is back again to give the user their first pokemon and pokedex to begin their journey. The trainer will trek onward discovering all the creatures in the world and ultimately challenge the Elite Four, though before this they must collect all eight gym badges to prove themselves worthy of the fight.

This particular version is the birth ground of quite a bit of legendary and exotic pokemon, all of which can be obtained via battles or trades. The most important in the Diamond version is the mighty steel dragon Dialga, the ruler of time. This titan of time has a long history of battles with the spatial pokemon Palkia, ruler of space.

Upon completing a certain quest within the game, the trainer is allowed access into a special building where he or she can play with other trainers, real life people who also own the pokemon game. This is the first time that players from anywhere on the globe could interact wirelessly. This ability shows further innovation in that the system on which the game is played supports a microphone for the users to speak to each other.

Pokemon Diamond is a game worth getting as there is much to love and more to share the love with thanks to the Wi-Fi ability. Fans of the series and newcomers alike will find that there is more to pokemon than merely catching them all. Mystery and lore lies beneath the surface as the player follows the path of a Pokemon Master.

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