Monday, February 16, 2009

Guitar Hero iii For Wii

Guitar Hero iii for Wii is one of the world's most popular games but obtaining skill can take some time and a lot of practice.

The typical Guitar Hero strum involves one push of the strum button while holding down the fret buttons. This method works well for songs with lower level difficulties. As you push yourself to the next level you will be ready for more advanced strategy's such as pull offs.

If you have 3 notes, a green, red, and yellow in order one right after the other you could complete these notes using the pull off technique. When the first note hits you will want to have all the fret buttons pushed down. This is the start of the pull off, and the only time during the technique that you will hit the strum button.

As the notes ascend the scale you simply "pull off" the already completed fret notes as they pass across your screen. This type of action allows you to play songs that would other wise be to difficult.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle

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